10 Ways to Know You Found the Right House

It can be very frustrating when you wake up in the middle of the night in your new home still thinking if you made the right decision or not. Don’t worry because you are not alone. Studies say that many first time buyers experience thinking deeply whether they found the right house or not.

Whether it’s a luxury home in Calabasas or a condo somewhere on the beach, if you’ve purchased a home you might be wondering if you made the right choice. After all it’s a big investment and the place you’ll build your future around. Even if you’ve been there before, the feeling is different once you are already living there. You are still trying to figure out how to have a smooth traffic inside your house, where to put your things, and meeting your new neighbors.

Check out the following guidelines to determine if you’ve found the right home:
1. Can you sleep on it?
If something bothers you before you go to bed or your sleep pattern changes after you move in, talk to other members of the family if it is also true to them. If not, figure out what causes your sleeplessness. Is it the new bed? The noise on the door? The light on the street? Be objective when assessing your sleeplessness. Maybe it’s already a medical condition which you need to resolve.
2. You are excited to go home.
After work, you can’t wait to go home, arrange the decors, and cook in your new kitchen.
3. The house gives you piece of mind the moment you enter
The house makes you feel secure and gives you the break you need after hours of working. It makes your mind feel relaxed and recharge for another day.
4. You feel great about the bathroom
The bathroom is where you do the most personal and intimate moments with your body. You need to feel good about your bathroom every time you enter it. It should make you feel like you are embracing your personal space and you want to stay on it for a while.
5. You are possessive about the house
You want to defend your house from people who are saying it’s not a good choice. Even if you know that the house is flawed, you want people to think otherwise.
6. You keep on imagining how to make it look better
You can’t help yourself from imagining what else you can do to make your house look better.
7. The house has all your basic needs
The house has the right number of rooms, just enough space for all plus extra for guests, and with amenities that might not be sophisticated but enough to make your life comfortable.
8. You don’t feel envious about other homeowners
Whenever you see your friends getting their own houses, you don’t envy them because their house is prettier than yours.
9. You always mention how good your house is to your friends.
10. Your instinct says the house is “the one” for you.

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